Çorlu Mühendislik Fakültesi

International Congress of Innovative Textiles


The Textile Engineering Department of Namık Kemal University (Çorlu-Tekirdağ,Turkey) is pleased to invite you for "International Congress of Innovative Textiles, ICONTEX2011" that will be held in İstanbul between 20-22 October 2011.

Our department is situated in the centre of a prominent textile production region of Turkey surrounded by hundreds of textile factories. Besides, the town of Çorlu is the largest industrial city of Tracia territory and located next to Istanbul. From these facts, we believe that this congress has a high potential to become one of the well-known regular congress series in textiles.

ICONTEX2011 aims to gather researchers and textile professionals to promote advanced technologies and innovations in textiles. During the congress, we would like to host distinguished textile researchers, academicians and textile technologists from all around the World. Also, leading representatives of the sector will join us during the congress. Therefore the congress offers an excellent opportunity to bring together each partner of this sector to discuss the recent developments and trends in global textile industry.

We are looking forward to meeting and hosting you in Istanbul during 20-22 October 2011!

With our warmest regards,

Organising Committee